Eddie Moran – Co-owner and head instructor at iSurfIreland School of Surfing

iSurfIreland’s Eddie Moran (37) is a Sligo native began surfing and bodyboarding at Strandhill Beach in his early teens before moving on to the other reefs and beachbreaks of Sligo. After school Eddie had a successful career in carpentry and construction, squeezing in as much surfing as he could. In 2010, Eddie began working as a sought after surf instructor in the Strandhill area, even being specifically pre-booked by a past customer for a lesson seven months in advance. A few successful season of surf coaching convinced Eddie to leave the carpentry trade to become a full-time surf coach. So he and good friend and fellow surf instructor Seamus Mc Goldrick set up iSurfIreland in Strandhill.                                    


Eddie is very passionate about teaching surfing and says, “I am almost as stoked to see someone catch their first wave as they are themselves for actually catching it.” When Eddie is not in the water teaching or surfing you can find him at the local skate park. Eddie also like to catch waves with his son Jamie, an aspiring surfer who likes to join in with iSurfIreland summer camps. Eddie is also involved in a number of community groups and is an official team member and festival site project manager of Sligo-based mental health charity Rennafix.isurf-vans

Seamus Mc Goldrick – Co-owner and head instructor at iSurfIreland School of Surfing

Seamus ‘Shambles’ Mc Goldrick (31) grew up in Strandhill and began bodyboarding at the age of 12 and soon entered his first competition and attended his first Irish team surf training camp. At 15, Seamus competed for the Irish team at the Junior Eurosurf where he picked up the nickname ‘Shambles’. Seamus studied Physics and Chemistry in Trinity College Dublin where he got his degree in 2006. The university was supportive and allowed for time off for Seamus to represent Ireland in the men’s bodyboard category at the Junior Eurosurf in France in 2002, the European championships in Spain in 2003 and Portugal in 2005 and the World Championships in Ecuador in 2004.  After college, Seamus went travelling, studied music, worked as a surf judge and a tour guide before finally pursuing his real passion and becoming a surfing instructor in 2010.

During this time Seamus was also dedicated to surfing the best waves Ireland has to offer and helped Irish bodyboarding become recognised around the world. In 2011, Seamus was the coach for the first ever Irish Bodyboard Team to attend the world bodyboarding games. Seamus developed a strong working relationship with good friend and fellow surf instructor Eddie Moran. When Eddie suggested to Seamus that they could run their own surf school, no more encouragement was needed and within a year the pair had realised their dream when iSurfIreland became a reality in Strandhill in 2015. Seamus has found iSurfIreland a perfect vehicle to support his passion for introducing people to surfing, youth development and coastal care. According to Seamus, ‘I consider myself lucky that my job is to introduce people to surfing and bodyboarding, which has been such a positive influence on my life.’


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