iSurfIreland surf camp Top 5 Reasons

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iSurfIreland’s Top Five Reasons why you need to book your child into a surf camp this summer.

#1: Experience in the ocean.

iSurfIreland surf camp

Ireland has an amazing coastline and iSurfIreland is all about encouraging people to increase their ocean experience. During the summertime children rediscover their love for the sea and so is the perfect time to get them in the water. iSurfIreland summer camps allow participants get to fully enjoy their ocean experience safe in the knowledge they are supervised by trained beach lifeguards and experienced surf instructors who know the area well.

iSurfIreland surf camp

Our Summer S’Cool program ensures your child has a safe, structured and fun environment to learn in. Plus, we have the best team of expert local instructors who are able to encourage and motivate young people in the ocean.

#2: Learn a new skill.

iSurfIreland surf camp

Every child in Ireland has the potential to become a surfer, we live on an island and no one is more than an hour and a half from the coast. Surfing in Ireland is now a mainstream recreational activity and Ireland is world famous as a cold water surfing paradise. Whether your child is looking for a day’s fun or to pick a life lifelong skill, our five-day surf camps are the perfect learning environment.

iSurfIreland has top quality surfing and bodyboarding equipment. The bodyboards are always a favourite for our surf camp participants. Bodyboarding allows them to catch more waves and have more fun. We want each camp participant to feel included and we have all equipment to suit every child’s interest and ability.

iSurfIreland surf camp

#3: Lifelong water safety awareness.

While we can’t guarantee your child will become a pro surfer, we can guarantee that your child will leave our Summer S’Cool with life long water safety awareness. All the necessary precautions are taken to ensure your child has a safe surf session each day. Every lesson begins with a beach talk where the potential dangers of stepping in the ocean are discussed and students are taught the best way to stay safe around water by professionals.

iSurfIreland surf camp

Your child will learn about the winds and tides, how they affect the sea and how to identify dangerous rip currents on a beach. This water safety awareness will stay with your child for the rest of their lives. During the week, there are always a few wipeouts but these experiences only serve to teach our students respect for the waves and the ocean.

#4: Surf camps make children more confident

Learning to surf tests a young person’s grit and resistance. Your child will have to be willing to make responsible risks and persist in the face of challenging situations. This helps them improve on skills that will become important in later life. Their reward is the thrill of catching and riding a wave.

The process of learning the surf, the surfing environment itself and the need to practice autonomously aid a child’s mental and physical development, which helps develop the skills necessary for success. Our surf coaching provides an ideal balance of fun personal challenge and independent learning.

#5 Fun in the sun on Strandhill beach.

Ok, we can’t promise you the sun but we can promise you the fun. At the end of the day, your child’s top priority this summer is to have as much fun as possible before they go back to school. Surf camps are a great way for your to meet new friends. And while playing the Playstation may be fun, we know parents would prefer to see their child doing something active outdoors during the summer months.

iSurfIreland campsOur mix of beach games, learning and surfing seem to do the trick, they put a smile on their faces and gets them involved in a healthy and positive outdoor pursuit.

More than just a surf  camp @ iSurfIreland.

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