Learning to Bodyboard in Strandhill

By July 15, 2016News

Hi. This is Eddie and Seamus here from iSurfIreland. This week’s blog is all about our bodyboard lessons. We love teaching surfing but we are also super passionate about teaching bodyboard lessons as we’ve been life-long bodyboarders. 


We have been bodyboarding since the nineties in Strandhill, the mecca for bodyboarding in Ireland due to the community and support for bodyboarding in the village. Strandhill has produced great bodyboarders like Shane Meehan (six time national champion) and Andrew Kilfeather (four time national champion). iSurfIreland’s Seamus Mc Goldrick, or Shambles as he is known in bodyboarding circles, is one of the most internationally recognised Irish bodyboarders and his online videos have recieved 100,000s of hits. Check out Shambles: A Day in the Life here: 

Shambles: “Last year, I recieved an entry into the Nomad Big Wave awards for a wave I caught in Mullaghmore, County Sligo. I didn’t win an award but it was a big achievement to be competing against some of my idols and I was the only non-Australian in the competition”.

Bodyboarding is a fun, accessible and dynamic sport practiced by about six million people worldwide. It is a sport that will instil a love and respect for the ocean. So why not take part in one of iSurfIreland’s regular bodyboard lessons and give it ago?


Seamus “Shambles” McGoldrick bodyboarding Aileens, at the foot of the Cliffs of Moher, along Ireland’s Wild Atlantic Way

What our customers say:

One family that visited us for bodyboard lessons last summer was the Hardison family from the U.S.A.

Bonnie from South Carolina said, “Our family tremendously enjoyed our bodyboarding lesson with iSurfIreland. We had a great time in the water and also learned lessons that have stayed with us.  iSurfIreland taught us the benefit of using high quality bodyboards. It really does make a difference in the water.

Bodyboarding in Strandhill

Family fun with iSurfIreland on a bodyboarding lesson in Strandhill

The school has great equipment and it only improved our experience in the water. They suited the entire family up in winter wetsuits and surf socks. We hardly felt the chill of the water at all, which let us focus on the bodyboarding.  The techniques we learned that day have made a difference in our bodyboarding. From arm positions and proper waxing of the board to catching a seven second ride on a wave, instead of a three second ride.


Our instructor was extremely experienced. He was also quite patient with our children. He kept the lesson moving in a positive, encouraging direction. Of course, looking at the majestic shores of Ireland, while standing in the water, is a fond memory. Bodyboarding got us closer to the waves. iSurfIreland taught us a better way to ride them.”

More than just a bodyboard lesson @ iSurfIreland.

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