Surf Lessons in Sligo

Please note that lessons times can be subject to change from time to time due to changes in tide and surf conditions.


We are a child-friendly surf school and welcome boys and girls from eight years and above for surf lessons. A parent/guardian’s signature is required on our surf lesson forms for U 18s.

Surf Lessons Sligo


We introduce you to the basics of surfing before getting you in the water to experience the thrill of catching your first wave and coaching you in the skills you have learned in a safe, structured and fun way. Our lessons take place in waist depth water with a maximum instructor/student ratio of 1:8.

Once you feel the buzz, we are sure you will be back for more, just like 100s of our satisfied customers. All equipment is provided, you just need to bring a towel and swimming gear.

Surf Lessons Sligo


Already had a beginner surf lesson? Then iSurfIreland can teach you intermediate surfing techniques and manoeuvres. Learn to check current surf conditions and identify possible hazards. Improve your paddling and pop-up techniques so you can catch more waves. Improve your surf stance and learn how to ride waves parallel to the shore. Go beyond the whitewater zone and catch your first unbroken wave.

surf lessons sligoAdvanced

Already catching unbroken waves? Thinking about entering your first surfing competition? iSurfIreland has over ten years experience coaching at an elite level and is dedicated to improving your surfing whatever your ability. Our Level 2 coaches can join you in the surf, employ task surfing and video analysis or formulate a four-week course that will help you identify and achieve your goals.

Surf Lessons Sligo

Bodyboard Lessons

Interested in bodyboard lessons? iSurfIreland is the only school in Sligo equipped to give professional bodyboard lessons. Plus, our lessons are run by top Irish bodyboard coach Seamus ‘Shambles’ Mc Goldrick.

surf lessons sligoBodyboarding is a popular, dynamic, accessible and fun activity that has at least six million participants worldwide. The modern bodyboard was invented in Hawaii in 1973 by Hawaiian surfer, inventor and musician Tom Morey. Bodyboarding became the fastest growing watersport during the 1980s. Now bodyboarding has grown into a popular recreational sport as well an exciting extreme sport.

Surf lessons Sligo

Head bodyboard coach Shambles in action

iSurfIreland is passionate about promoting and teaching bodyboarding, especially since Ireland is among the top bodyboarding destinations on the planet.

Our bodyboarding lessons run according to the same outline as our surfing lessons. You are introduced to your bodyboarding equipment and shown basics bodyboarding techniques. The main advantage of bodyboarding is that you will be able to catch more waves more quickly. Bodyboarding is easy to learn, but difficult to master. Most importantly, bodyboarding is all about having fun.

Surfer Girl Sessions

The Surfer Girl Session were created by iSurfIreland to address the need to get more female participation in surfing in Ireland. The aim of the Surfer Girl Sessions is to see more women in the water in the future.

The Surfer Girl Session create the ideal space for participation in surfing with a female-orientated coaching program. The sessions are an opportunity for girls to go surf together and find new surf buddies to get in the water with. Surfing is also a great workout and calorie burner and will help with your general level of fitness.

Surf lessons sligo

iSurfIreland regularly invites top Irish female surf stars as guest instructors and speakers. This allows intermediate level surfers to learn from more experienced surfer girls and this approach has proved very effective. First-timers will be assigned their own surf instructor and will be able to watch and learn from the other surfer girls who already have no trouble getting to their feet.

Find our Surfer Girls Sessions on Facebook and join up for our regular discounted classes.

Hens and Stags

Stags Surf Parties

The Stag surfs for free. Our package includes free after surf premium beers or soft drinks. Indoor changing facilities and hot showers. All equipment provided and included free of charge. Top local restaurants available on request. Free photo disk for the day’s action for the Stag.

Call 0876523351 or 0877471915 to book.

Hens Surf Parties

The Hen surfs for free. Package includes after surf bubbly or soft drinks with strawberries, indoor changing facilities and hot showers. All equipment provided and included free of charge. Highly acclaimed restaurants available on request. Free photo disk of day’s action for the Hen.

Call 0876523351 or 0877471915 to book.

Coaching with Level 2 Instructors

Level 2 coaching sessions are for students who have mastered their Level 1 whitewater skills. The main difference in a Level 2 coaching session is that you are allowed to use your own equipment in the lesson and the surf instructor can go surfing with you beyond the whitewater zone to focus on intermediate techniques.

Level two instructors are 100% responsible for the safety of the participant in the surf. Your experienced instructor is confident, competent and calm in surf situations and also provides a safe environment for classes using their expert judgement of the sea and weather conditions. Your level two coach has received additional training and is there to provide you with the security, encouragement, respect and information you will need to take your surfing to the next level. Your instructor will also help you set achievable goals.

Your first Level 2 coaching sessions always start with your instructor accessing your level of surfing by watching you ride some waves on a surf school foamie. Your surf instructor will be able to tell your strengths and weakness and then be able to focus on improving the surf skills that will help you achieve your goals. Each Level 2 coaching session is followed by between 5 days to 3 weeks ‘practice time’ where a participant has a chance to practice new skills before the next coaching session, where you will take the next step towards your goal.

Each surf lesson will be correctly pitched for the day’s conditions and the level of the participant. Level 2 instructors will engage and motivate participant for determined learning and commitment. Your instructor will act professionally and provide you with a progression plan appropriate to your level of surfing.


iSurfIreland offers a family package, Hens and Stags deals and a discount for large groups (15+).


For our surf lessons, we use top quality Alder and Kana Beach soft top surfboards specifically suited to the needs of beginner surfers. For our bodyboard lessons, we use a range of top pro-model Science bodyboards. We have wetsuits to suit all shapes and sizes and also a full range of winter wetsuits, boots, headsets and gloves for when the water turns a bit colder.


5/4/3 Alder wetsuits
5mm Alder booties
5mm Alder hoods
3mm Alder gloves

To book now or for further information please call 0877471915 or 0876523351 or email us at