Bodyboard Lessons

Interested in bodyboarding? Try bodyboarding lessons with iSurfIreland. We are the only surf school in Ireland with a dedicated crew of professional Irish bodyboard coaches. We are fully equipped with pro-model Science bodyboards and our head bodyboard coach is top Irish bodyboarder Seamus ‘Shambles’ Mc Goldrick.

bodyboard lessons

The modern bodyboard was invented in Hawaii in 1973 by Hawaiian surfer and inventor Tom Morey. It became the fastest growing watersport in the 1980s. Today, bodyboarding is one of the craziest extreme sports on the planet as well as a popular, accessible and enjoyable recreational activity performed worldwide by millions of people. iSurfIreland is passionate about promoting and teaching bodyboarding, especially since Ireland is among the top bodyboarding destinations on the planet.

Our bodyboarding lessons run in the same way as our surfing lessons. You are introduced to your bodyboarding equipment and shown basics bodyboarding techniques on the beach before getting in the water to catch your first waves. The main advantage of bodyboarding is that you will be able to catch more waves more quickly. Bodyboarding is easy to learn, but difficult to master. Most importantly, bodyboarding is all about having fun.

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