Level 2 Surf Lessons

Level 2 surf lessons are for students who have mastered their Level 1 whitewater skills. The main difference in a Level 2 coaching session is that you can use your own equipment and hardboards in the lesson and the surf instructor can go surfing with you beyond the whitewater zone to focus on intermediate techniques.

Your first Level 2 coaching session always starts with your instructor accessing your level of surfing by watching you ride some waves on a surf school foamie. Your surf instructor will be able to tell your strengths and weakness and then be able to focus on improving specific surf skills that will help you achieve your goals. Each Level 2 coaching session is separated by a practice period, usually a week, which will give a participant a chance to practice new skills before the next coaching session, where you will take the next step towards your goal.

Coaching with Level 2 Instructors

Level 2 instructors are 100% responsible for the safety of the participant in the surf. Your experienced instructor is confident, competent and calm in surf situations and also provides a safe environment for classes by using their expert judgement of the sea and weather conditions. Your Level 2 instructor has received additional training and is there to provide you with the security, encouragement, respect and information you will need to take your surfing to the next level. Your instructor will also help you set achievable goals.

Each surf lesson will be correctly pitched for the day’s conditions and the skill level of the participant. Level 2 instructors will engage and motivate participants for determined learning and commitment. Your instructor will act professionally and provide you with a progression plan appropriate to your level of surfing.