Surf Coaching Tips

iSurfIreland is here to give you professional surf coaching tips. iSurfIreland’s head coaches and staff, which include previous Irish national surfing champions, are surfers and bodyboarders with years of experience at our great location, Strandhill Beach, the top Irish surf beach. iSurfIreland coaches can help teach and improve surfing pop up and ¬†paddling. We also explain how to use your surf equipment and introduce vital ocean awareness you will need to catch waves and start surfing.


For surfers who already have basic surf knowledge, we can provide advanced coaching and techniques like duck diving, paddling into the line-up and taking off on green waves.


Our bodyboard coaches will introduce you to bodyboarding equipment and technique and get you in the water catching waves and coaching you to ride them for the maximum length.


Pop up



Surf Equipment


Paddling Out






Bodyboarding equipment




If you are interested in one to one coaching or in level 2 surf coaching please send us an email.